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The bold look of Kohler

The Bold Look of Kohler is simple geometry. Kohler might specialize in plumbing fixtures, faucets, furniture, engines and generators, but just look at their ads! This is some bold look! Kohler’ s ad photography features some artists like Mark Holthusen, Sanjay Kothari, Erwin Olaf and othe extraordinary guys – just as they see it.

With such ads Kohler are easily on the top of the plumbing world.

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Best of class in spirit world

For some exclusive drinking, we have summarized latest news from alcohol industry.

360 Vodka is crafted from a philosophy for eco-awareness. The vodka in every bottle of 360 is quadruple distilled through a highly energy efficient process, with every bushel of grain being fully utilized and nothing going to waste. The vodka is also 5 times filtered. But that’ s not all – the green packaging that surrounds 360 vodka is very environmentally-friendly.

In other words, feel free to drink this vodka and stay green!

Oval vodka is another news from alcohol industry. Its producers claim that the product has delicate aroma and a pleasant, mild taste. Oval’ s absolute purity makes it easily digestible and never (!!!) leads to a headache. Comes in 2 percentage (24 and 42) and in amazingly stylish package.

World’ s most expensive champagne has recently become this Perrier-Jouet, which costs 4,166 euros (6,485 dollars). The limited edition 12-bottle box sets of Perrier-Jouet champagne will be priced at 50,000 euros, according to French drink firm Pernod-Ricard.

Will only be sold in the United States, Britain, Japan, China, Russia, Switzerland and France. That’s what we call exclusive!
Oh and just for the record, most expensive tequila in the world costs $ 225 000. It has platinum-and-gold bottle. The spirit that fills it is a triple-distilled mix of 8-, 10- and 12-year-old agave plants and is produced by Hacienda La Capilla Distillery in Los Altos, Jalisco. Ley .925 CEO Fernando Altamirano says the liquor is aged in barrels whose provenance is “top secret.”

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To those with afflictions

Do you feel that your life is boring? If yes, then these guys can bring some fun in to your life.

Take your fish everywhere you go with this portable fishbowl. Concept by Michal Shabtiali

Jeff Koons makes incredible inflatable animals in all sizes and colors. The artist was born in York, Pennsylvania in 1955. He studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Check out more.

Conflict Chair and Sitting on the wall – these are funny inventions by Aviadgil. Probably two people won’t be able to sit here at the same time.

Fantastic origami bags! Frry bags seem to be the most unusual in the world – daring shapes, different sizes and cool looking.

Seamour Sheep Illuminative lamp from Crazy Label and Metin Seven! The limited edition vinyl toy/lamp is USB-powered. Via GeekAlerts

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Yummy accessories

Photographer Fulvio Bonavia’s A Matter of Taste features amazing pictures of food as fashion. Yummy bags, belts, shoes – all made of things you eat, and remember, you are what you eat!
Kathleen Dustin also makes bags and purses, which look like fruit and flowers.

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May the force be with you, young chipmunk

May the force be with you, young chipmunk

Photographer Stefan does these really cool Star Wars pictures. This time he has featured a cute chipmunk. What more is there to say! “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?”

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What would God say

Religious societies all over the world have been disappointed with people not attending to the church, and for this reason churches have been collaborating with advertising agencies, mostly on non-profit basis, to launch pro-religious campaigns. The topic surely is a field party for a creative mind.

What do I have to do to get your attention? Take out an ad in the paper? God

A New Zealand St Matthew-in-the-City church campaign which depicts Joseph and Mary in bed raised a controversy and was removed five hours after its installment, and yet with other funny ads to follow.

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Google office in Zurich

Seems that working for Google is fun, not only because Google rules the planet, but also because their offices really differ from the others. New Google office in Zurich is not an exception – a ready made playground for Google employees. They have massage chairs, slides, pool tables, games, private cabins, relaxation rooms and much more.

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Weird flying bed sheet

William Hundley is a Minnesota born photographer, currently living and working in Austin, Texas.

The artist has had many exhibitions but his best pictures consider something which can probably be called a Flying Bed Sheet.

These pictures are creative, interesting and even a bit disturbing. Yet absolutely loveable! Check them out!

You can find more of Flying Bed Sheets and other slightly NSFW pictures on William Hundley’s Flickr or visit his website

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What do I need to be unique?

You will not find watches like these anywhere else in the world.

Kyokusen watches are amazing – all so different and unique. Kyokusen watches is a new product from Tokyoflash. In Japanese Kyokusen means “curved line”.

Kyokusen delivers their LED wonders worldwide.
Check the prices here, and make sure you check their watch museum.

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Positive emotions flowing into my brain

Being surrounded by funny, creative and colorful home gadgets can certainly bring positive emotions and make your day. Especially when the gadgets are multi-purpose or visually misleading.

These original laughing cups were created by Psyho studio. Laugh as you enjoy a cup of tea.

And these are not cups, but rather books. Which look like cups. Japanese duet Eri Akutsu and Koji Shimizu are to be credited for these.

Squeeze thy lemon! This is what Vincon and Spanish company Lekue tell us. Just place the lemon into this silicone gadget and press. Very comfortable.

And another thing which is not what it seems – not a bulb, but a juice bottle. 100% fresh pomegranate juice bottle was best of the show at Pentawards 2008, design packaging awards.

Switch: Table&Chair. And a ball?

More @

It is time to stop showing off and wear your diamonds inside out. Because you can. Desgined by Stas Zhitsky and Sergey Kuzhavsky from OPEN!Design&Concepts

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