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Selecting the perfect Indian wedding hall and mandap entrance decoration is a difficult task, especially when there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. Most of the wedding hall entrance decorations are with flowers but a lot can be done with fabrics as well. Flowing fabrics with light effects create a magical look. Arches decorated with flowers and fabrics with light effects add to the grandiose and look majestic

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Attractive Stage decoration for wedding Reception.

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There is a very important part in wedding reception namely a stage which has the function to throne of the bride and groom, therefore all will be focused on stage. Ideas to create luxurious decorations is the right choice, there are several ways to do that is with rugs, curtain to background, chair, flower and golden spotlight like in the photos or pictures. Usually this concept follow the style of royal decoration, so when the guests approach bride and groom feels like in the royal.

Decoration Reception Stage

Green collections.

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Latest and Attractive Gift collection

hand work

Natural silk, Chantilly lace, monogram, golden Chantilly lace, golden embroidery hothix monogram

Byzantine Circular Pyxis

This circular Pyxis or box depicts two scenes. The one shown presents the Olympian gods feasting around a tripod table holding the golden Apple of the Hesperides.

good collection

  • Stunning swan bowl with metallic body and bowl made of crystal glass
  • The bowl has a lid and a spoon
  • Size: Height-5 inches, length-6 inches
  • Weight: 285 grams

makeup item

  • Vintage item
  • Materials: Metal, mirror, Powder puff, powder screen
  • Only ships within United States.


November 15th 2010

What would God say

Religious societies all over the world have been disappointed with people not attending to the church, and for this reason churches have been collaborating with advertising agencies, mostly on non-profit basis, to launch pro-religious campaigns. The topic surely is a field party for a creative mind.

god ads

August 3rd 2010

Buy your shirts in grocery store

Guys at Prompt Design have come with the most amazing idea of packing T-Shirts as food found in supermarkets, this way producing a unique balance of a cool shirt and cool packaging. Normally, it’s just one or the other. So if you are looking for a fun gift, this here is a tip. Just don’t go shopping for these shirts, when you are hungry!

food shirt

June 18th 2010

May the force be with you, young chipmunk

Photographer Stefan does these really cool Star Wars pictures. This time he has featured a cute chipmunk. What more is there to say! “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?

star wars chipmunk



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Yummy accessories

Photographer Fulvio Bonavia's A Matter of Taste features amazing pictures of food as fashion. Yummy bags, belts, shoes - all made of things you eat, and remember, you are what you eat!

How much do you like Coca Cola?

Feeling thirsty and want to have a coke? What about paying paying 60 pounds for a Karl Lagerfeld designer box with a desired bottle inside. Looks great, live it up!

A perfect gift

Now as the spring is almost here, it's time to grow your gift cards. Yes, really grow - it has been made possible with Postcarden - post it, mount it, plant it, water it.

Make yourself at home

You have a cat? Make the cat be a part of your home interior - Koichi Futatsumata made a design for a coffee table, which would nicely incorporate your pet as a part of it. Now the trick is to make the cat (not sure dogs would work) crawl inside.

Things to encapsulate yourself

First of all, there is this absolutely awesome hardback leather case to cover MacBook and MacBook Pro up. It is stylish, safe and can help you keep strict secrecy as to what it has in its contents. Vintage design as you haven't imagined it before.

Life in Jell-O

All you people out there who like jelly bears, now you have something more to drool about - Liz Hickok is making cities in Jell-O. San Francisco based artist makes kids and adult dreams come true by creating edible installations.

Simple crafts is no rocket science

These absolutely fabulous cups are a product of Livia Marin. Little could be found on the artist, however this china is an absolutely fantastic piece of art! Maybe not very useful for a tea party, but surely the highlight of home decoration.

Place where Charlie goes grown up

This unusual candy store is located in Harajuku, Japan. Chocolate drops are hanging from the ceilings, milk is seemingly floating on the base, ready to be mixed with the brown chocolate bars on the walls. Godiva Chocolate is the Chocolate Factory for grownups, and the ultimate hang out place in Harajuku.

Virtual window shopping

1. Knitted food by Ed Bing Lee

Happy bin bags

If you don't get a kick out of the idea of recycling, maybe these bin bags can help you have fun with disposing your trash and leftovers. Wieden + Kennedy, who created the design, claim that now taking the trash out is so much more fun! We are on the same page here.

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