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What do I need to be unique?

You will not find watches like these anywhere else in the world.

Kyokusen watches are amazing – all so different and unique. Kyokusen watches is a new product from Tokyoflash. In Japanese Kyokusen means “curved line”.

Kyokusen delivers their LED wonders worldwide.
Check the prices here, and make sure you check their watch museum.

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Positive emotions flowing into my brain

Being surrounded by funny, creative and colorful home gadgets can certainly bring positive emotions and make your day. Especially when the gadgets are multi-purpose or visually misleading.

These original laughing cups were created by Psyho studio. Laugh as you enjoy a cup of tea.

And these are not cups, but rather books. Which look like cups. Japanese duet Eri Akutsu and Koji Shimizu are to be credited for these.

Squeeze thy lemon! This is what Vincon and Spanish company Lekue tell us. Just place the lemon into this silicone gadget and press. Very comfortable.

And another thing which is not what it seems – not a bulb, but a juice bottle. 100% fresh pomegranate juice bottle was best of the show at Pentawards 2008, design packaging awards.

Switch: Table&Chair. And a ball?

More @

It is time to stop showing off and wear your diamonds inside out. Because you can. Desgined by Stas Zhitsky and Sergey Kuzhavsky from OPEN!Design&Concepts

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Comfort is not so remote

This remote control is so long that we had to crop it.

Yes, it is true. Pultius remote is half a meter (almost 20 inches) long. It controls 399 channels with three range selection buttons. Surely it was designed by no other than Art.Lebedev Studio.

pultius art lebedev studio

Not tired to scroll? Then here’s another view of Pultius.

pultius art lebedev studio

Pultius is very inspiring, but there are some other remotes which are not worse.

This new cool Nike Amp+sport remote control is a watch and a remote for the Nike+ experience. You can find out instant feedback of your time, distance, calories and pace with it. It is stainless steel, with LED displays for iPod nano control icons.

Nike Amp+ costs $79.

nike amp+ sport remote control

No, that’s not yet another cheap clamshell cellphone, but a remote control designed by Geisendesign people.

This remote approaches a younger audience – the most used functions are located on the outside of the shell and the more obscure ones are on the inside.

Via Gizmodo

flip remote

The famous Harmony 1000 from Logitech is a universal remote with touch sensitive screen. It has only nine fixed buttons on the handset, and the rest appear as you browse through menu.

This brushed aluminium remote controls everything with infrared. Harmony 1000 is a bit pricy, though.

logitech harmony 1000

Desktop remote control for $84 at Evergreen’s. You can control your TV, DVD/CD, amplifier, and air conditioner with this cool desktop remote control. Surprisingly enough, each of the sixty five buttons has only one function.

Via Gizmodo too

evergeen remote control

One for All Kameleon 8 glows in the dark, so you can spend long nights behind your LCDs. This universal remote is made of real metal, rather than shiny plastic, and has a pleasing curvature on the back that makes it look like someone actually spent some time designing it. A nice review on it here.

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Modern condoms – more fun than necessity

How many of you have filled condoms with water? Or made balloons? Or otherwise used condom in an appropriate way?

Well, if you have, you must admit condoms are more fun than necessity nowadays.

Condoms come in different colors, with different scents and shapes and whatsover.

For example, design genius Atypyk has these great KamaSutra condoms –
64 different condoms depicting 64 Kamasutra positions. They were so popular that are now out of stock.

After using a condom, you can safely store this essential personal care item in a cute stainless steel dispenser.

condom dispenser

..and store condoms in a condom box in steel mirror polished.

condom box

And let’s not forget advertising – condom ads seem to be the most creative and funniest because of the ambiguity. So here’s a collection of condom ads. If you have some more (because there really is a lot), feel free to share with us.

Tulipan condoms: Fun now, kids later
Agency: Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hansaplast. Long pleasure condoms.

A twisted condom for mutual pleasure.
Agency: KING, Stockholm

This ad was created to celebrate the Greek football team, winner at Euro 2004
Agency: McCann Erickson, Athens

Yet another Durex ad: wheel barrow
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy RedCard, Singapore

wheel barrow

Lifestyles ribbed condoms
Agency: mortierbrigade Brussels

Don’t be stupid. Protect Yourself
Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam, Switzerland

HuanXiTang Ultra Thin Condom: Banana
Agency: ZR42128 AD, Shanghai, China

xtacy Premium Condom ad
Dead End Ahead

dead end ahead

Playsafe condoms: Fit any head
Agency: Leo Burnett, Singapore

Chocolate condoms – before/after
Agency: DDB Group, Belgium

Very weird Durex ad
Copywriter: PK Anil Kumar

To all those who use our competitors’ products: Happy Father’s Day.
Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa

durex father’s day

Durex performa: The delay condom
Agency: McCann-Erickson Communications House, Macclesfield, UK

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Inflatable unbelievable

An artist from New York, Joshua Allen Harris, makes these incredible animals out of plastic bags. The idea is simple – the bag is attached to a grate over the underground, and when a train passes, this is not an bag anymore – suddenly it is a beautiful tossing animal.

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Drop dead gorgeous

These girls are not dead, in fact, they are alive amateur models.
Norwegian channel TV3 features a reality show “Top Model“, where regular girls fight for the right to be called real top models, so that’s why they are subjected to different photo shoots, like this fashion show in Milan.

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Black-and-white drop of light

A heavy drop of oil or water, black or white, hanging from the ceiling – it’s a lamp.
It has been a while since Rafael Morgan made his elegant lamp the Light Drop.
To remind you, Rafael is an industrial designer from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. His Light Drop is supposed to make people think about how we are dealing with our natural resources , in this particular case, the water.

The artist does not yet sell his products.

Save Our Souls people are from Sweden and they came up with a similar idea of how a drop, here black oil, can be a wonderful lamp.

The Drop lamp can be ordered for 295 Euros by e-mail.

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Ultimate cool bike designs

As technologies develop more and more, modern bikes look absolutely unreal with many unbelievable functions and great design too.

Ktrak bikes have kits to change your regular sports bike to a bike that can ski. Ktrak kit comes with a standard six bolt pattern that is compatible with 6” or 8” disc brake. It is also designed to work with standard caliper or “V” brakes.

Canadian Ktrak is designed for use in groomed, packed or fresh snow. Absolutely innovative! Find out more

A bike that folds. PUMA and design bike manufacturer, Biomega, introduce the new PUMA 8-Speed Urban Mobility Bike as part of Urban Mobility collection, a premium accessories collection created with the needs of a city dweller in mind. This bike is for those who like to get places fast without fuss, just fold it and carry whenever you don’t need it. The new model has an 8-speed internal Shimano hub, integrated wire lock system and twin disc brakes. Via HighSnobiety

A wooden bicycle from Project Xylon. Aside from its visual qualities, one has to add its excellent mechanical properties, especially flexing and shock absorption. Xylon bikes offer four different bike models – altogether it looks stylish and unique.
Concept track bike from designer Alex Suvajac. The bike utilizes current technologies and material. It looks progressive, sleek, fast and fan. The author states that the bike was inspired from nature. Looks very unusual indeed.

Flevobike’s GreenMachine was the very first recumbent bike in the history of the Eurobike Awards, to be rewarded with a Gold Award. This bike is said to be really fast.
Oryx, the bike from the future. Oryx is an innovative time trial bike with a one-sided fork and chain-stay. Due to its Y-frame shape, it’s comfortably shock-proof without loosing ground contact. One of the innovations on the bike is the crank which is designed like a ring and mounted in the inside of the frame by two ball bearings. The whole bike itself is made of carbon composite, which is baked into the frame during the molding process. Designer: Harald Cramer. Via YankoDesign

Design within Reach launched this Electrbike PI. The bike combines the lightweight portability of a bicycle with speed and self-propulsion of a motorcycle. A breakthrough in environmentally sound transportation, Pi may be the ideal for commuting transport. Considered a “human-electric hybrid”, Pi charges from any standard household outlet in 2.5–3 hours and can run on a single charge for 25–30 miles.
Unfortunately this ultimate design eletro bicycle costs around $8000. Via Ozoux
This is Trek’s new LIME. Apart of being automatically shifting and having great design, you can place all kinds of stuff in your seat. LIME comes in different colors, male and female models, normal and light. Via NotCot
Arrow bikes are produced in Japan. It is well-built, logo-free, lightweight and available in a wide assortment of colors. Arrow bikes remind old school and must look great on the streets.

Pinel&Pinel doesn’t really offer bicycles, but it offers trunks with a folding bike by Brompton type M6R available in about 10 colors. Ang again, you can fold the bike, put it in the trunk and pretend you don’t own one.

Another bike that can fold in a bag. University of Technology Sydney and its student Frag Woodall came up with Everglide. It has been designed as an active based device with three key functional attributes; having the ability to be wheeled, backpacked or cycled. The design houses a shaft drive mechanism which is light weight clean and compact. Hand held devices such as phones and ipod’s are able to be plugged in and regeneratively charged via frictionless magnetic dynamo technology. Find out more.

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A clockwork lamp

This idea is simple and very helpful – a wind-up bed side lamp by Yuko Taguchi is meant for people who can’t sleep without light.

Also, people who read in the bed sometimes forget to turn off the light.

The key functions as a switch and a timer. Wind-up to turn the light on before you go to bed. The light will stay on until the key winds back.

Its main source of power comes from its powerful spring-driven generator. As the high carbon tensile steel spring unwinds, power is transferred to a small dynamo electric generator which produces enough electricity to power of the light.

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Last minute party? Don’t worry

We have all seen Snap-and-Dine sets – dining kits to snap and use. Italian Pandora Design went further – they work and produce professional disposable dining sets for HoReCa.
Pandora Design products are just amazing – their cutlery sets, cups, chopsticks and other dining necessities are all disposable and mostly performed in colorful plastic. Plastic forks, spoons, knives and their hybrids all look so stylish and bright, a definite party-must have!
Their webpage is mostly in Italian, but it is worth checking, because there one can find more of Pandora Design genius stuff.

So if you have a last minute party, don’t worry, here is an elegant solution and to remind you, what other dining kits are:
Geek Snap-a-Party Instant Party set

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