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May the force be with you, young chipmunk

May the force be with you, young chipmunk

Photographer Stefan does these really cool Star Wars pictures. This time he has featured a cute chipmunk. What more is there to say! “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?”

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Modern condoms – more fun than necessity

How many of you have filled condoms with water? Or made balloons? Or otherwise used condom in an appropriate way?

Well, if you have, you must admit condoms are more fun than necessity nowadays.

Condoms come in different colors, with different scents and shapes and whatsover.

For example, design genius Atypyk has these great KamaSutra condoms –
64 different condoms depicting 64 Kamasutra positions. They were so popular that are now out of stock.

After using a condom, you can safely store this essential personal care item in a cute stainless steel dispenser.

condom dispenser

..and store condoms in a condom box in steel mirror polished.

condom box

And let’s not forget advertising – condom ads seem to be the most creative and funniest because of the ambiguity. So here’s a collection of condom ads. If you have some more (because there really is a lot), feel free to share with us.

Tulipan condoms: Fun now, kids later
Agency: Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hansaplast. Long pleasure condoms.

A twisted condom for mutual pleasure.
Agency: KING, Stockholm

This ad was created to celebrate the Greek football team, winner at Euro 2004
Agency: McCann Erickson, Athens

Yet another Durex ad: wheel barrow
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy RedCard, Singapore

wheel barrow

Lifestyles ribbed condoms
Agency: mortierbrigade Brussels

Don’t be stupid. Protect Yourself
Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam, Switzerland

HuanXiTang Ultra Thin Condom: Banana
Agency: ZR42128 AD, Shanghai, China

xtacy Premium Condom ad
Dead End Ahead

dead end ahead

Playsafe condoms: Fit any head
Agency: Leo Burnett, Singapore

Chocolate condoms – before/after
Agency: DDB Group, Belgium

Very weird Durex ad
Copywriter: PK Anil Kumar

To all those who use our competitors’ products: Happy Father’s Day.
Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa

durex father’s day

Durex performa: The delay condom
Agency: McCann-Erickson Communications House, Macclesfield, UK

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Girls, click your heels for paid bills!

Sprints and marathons are nothing new, but how about girls running in high heels?

Russian magazine Glamour held an interesting competition in biggest Russian cities. Pretty girls competed in who is going to race 100 meters faster wearing high heels at least 9 centimeters high.
Semi final was held in Saint Petersburg, whereas the final with 77 participants took place in Moscow. The fastest glamorous racer was Maria Komarova, who made it in 12.53 seconds. Hopefully, she is not in the hospital at the moment.

The lucky winner got 5000 euros. With this money in Moscow, Maria surely can buy a pair of completely new shoes. Not too pricey, though.

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Which door should I choose?

Funny restroom signs – there are so many around the world. Some of them are freaky, some are funny, and some creative. Enjoy!

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My Hump

Funny cover of Black Eyed Peas song My Hump by Alanis Morisette! She even dresses like Fergie!

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