May the force be with you, young chipmunk

Photographer Stefan does these really cool Star Wars pictures. This time he has featured a cute chipmunk. What more is there to say! “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?

star wars chipmunk

Happy bin bags

If you don’t get a kick out of the idea of recycling, maybe these bin bags can help you have fun with disposing your trash and leftovers. Wieden + Kennedy, who created the design, claim that now taking the trash out is so much more fun! We are on the same page here.

happy trash bags [more]

Useless gadgets

Being a useless gadget is certainly a very subjective thing, however we have gathered a couple of inventions, which apart from being great might also be considered useless. But, hey, isn’t it the best to stuff up your place with small cool things?

Fly Swatter 1: 1000 by Belenko – Now fly has a chance!

cool fly swatter [more]

Advertising rules the world


“Flowers would have been a better idea”, Callegari Berville Grey for [more]

Nothing serious and more

Fun fun fun, is what we love the most. Well, Fred&Friends might have even beaten the famous Atypyk in their original fun thing ideas.

Who Am We? Asks their profile heading. Nothing serious in there too! So just enjoy these cool creation:

throwing broccoli [more]

Take a moment, give a smile

Some fresh advertisements over here.
“Get the respect you deserve” or how glasses change people.

glasses [more]

Want it all

There are a million of crazy cool inventions, so it is almost impossible to gather them all – one could get old scrolling all those pictures down. However, here is just a sample of the whole population. Enjoy!

Bundle Box must be the coolest latest invention – no need to squeeze hot drinks to your chest blaming all coffee producers!

bundle box [more]

Rock and roll

So, how is it when you feel bad wasting beauty? Definitely with cool toilet rolls. It turns out they can be so unusual.

funny toilet paper [more]

Modern condoms – more fun than necessity

How many of you have filled condoms with water? Or made balloons? Or otherwise used condom in an appropriate way?

Well, if you have, you must admit condoms are more fun than necessity nowadays.

condom3_lo_0preview.jpg [more]

There’s something fishy going on

If you love pets, but all you have is fish, you can still make fish life more wonderful with these fish bowls.

Latest creation from genius Roger Arquer presents 15 variations of the standard fish bowl including Do Not Piss Me Off with a message for the poor fish to behave itself.

roguer arquer fish bowl [more]

Best of / Visitors choice

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