Solid paint becomes important

As my neighbors are painting something all day long, the distinct stink of paint seems to never go, therefore, here is something what the neighbors must be trying to repeat – room XX by miquel barceló:
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Meet me somewhere nice

Meet at the Apartment is a two-story, highly stylish loft in the Soho district of New York City. Meet emerged after two enthusiasts, Marc and Sara Schiller, realized that there was a need for a dedicated space in New York where creative and business executives could meet to make business. Advertising agencies, top consumer brands and television networks are among their clients too.

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Mmm delicious!

This time of the year is when everybody consumes cakes, chocolate bars and everything sweet. Look at this cute baby – this is a Chocolate pie chart. Absolutely adorable piece (3.5″ diameter x .75″ high) made of 70% milk, 20% dark and 10% white chocolate.

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Contemporary Christmas tree design is odd

Being original is no piece of cake – it is hard work. And it seems like it is getting harder, cause here are some contemporary Christmas trees, and they look very eclectic, even ascetic. But a definite benefit compared to the real nice furry green Christmas tree is that these are reusable. Check the cardbox one, pretty cool, actually!

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Russian dolls suited up

Most celebrated designers made a new look for Russian dolls (Matrioshka). All this is in honor of Vogue in Russia anniversary celebrations. The dolls will be sold on a charity auction, which will take place on November 20. Starting price of the 50-centimeter high doll is €5000.

dolce gabana doll

Dolce & Gabbana
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Positive emotions flowing into my brain

Being surrounded by funny, creative and colorful home gadgets can certainly bring positive emotions and make your day. Especially when the gadgets are multi-purpose or visually misleading.

These original laughing cups were created by Psyho studio. Laugh as you enjoy a cup of tea.

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Generation next of Apple

As Apple released the new look of MacBook and MacBook pro, the buzz over incredible makeover just won’t stop. And there is something to talk about indeed.

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Singing in the rain gadgets

Autumn might be a season of grey, but it is still possible to color up things with ultimate cool gadgets. Such as Fuck-the-Rain umbrella by Art.Lebedev Studio. No rain welcome, they say!

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Architecture twists

It seems that lately architectural trends aim to stun the potential viewer – buildings get taller and more intricate.Dubai will host yet another architecture wonder – 4 towers with a different number of floors, which resembles burning flames. The project will be designed by Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates.

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Factoreef – new era boat factory

Three students from Vienna University of Applied Arts developed a concept of a boat building factory in Croatia. The project was named Factoreef. Its authors, Julcsi Futo, Bika Rebek and Stefan Ritter are students in the mentioned above University.

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