Inflatable unbelievable

An artist from New York, Joshua Allen Harris, makes these incredible animals out of plastic bags. The idea is simple – the bag is attached to a grate over the underground, and when a train passes, this is not an bag anymore – suddenly it is a beautiful tossing animal.

inflated giraffe
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Time to dump your Bugatti for best

Cosmic Motors is a design book with 176 pages of hottest futuristic vehicles, spare the hottest cosmic pilots ever.

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To those with afflictions

Do you feel that your life is boring? If yes, then these guys can bring some fun in to your life.

Take your fish everywhere you go with this portable fishbowl. Concept by Michal Shabtiali

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Under my skin

GelaSkins makes amazing removable art prints for laptops and iPods. They use pictures and drawings of both modern and contemporary artists as Claude Monet, Audrew Kawasaki, Edvard Munch, Vincent Van Gaugh, Amy Sol and others.

A real chance to make your gadgets think different for just 15 bucks.

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Nothing serious and more

Fun fun fun, is what we love the most. Well, Fred&Friends might have even beaten the famous Atypyk in their original fun thing ideas.

Who Am We? Asks their profile heading. Nothing serious in there too! So just enjoy these cool creation:

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I am your secretary


The Secretary is a kinky yet beautiful photoset by photographers Peter Frey and Andrea Martin. It was released shortly after a great movie with the same name, starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal. More →

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

A very famous figure of speech – beauty is in the eye of the beholder obtains a new meaning after these wonderful series made by UK based photographer Rankin. These eyes and iris are called the Eyescapes and through it one can really see the genuine beauty of the eye.

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Celebrities in a couple of lines

These amazing pictures were made by Pablo Lobato – the famous Argentinian artist. He sees celebrities in a special way, being able to pass resemblance in caricatures by drawing just a few lines – see for yourself:


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Bela Borsodi’s unusual perception of fashion

Bela Borsodi is a still-life photographer based in New York. He works for fashion magazines worldwide. But Borsodi is not just a photographer, he glues together art and fashion – giving each object he takes a special sense of personality. His photos, elsewhere static, become dynamic and very much intriguing. Borsodi’s crazy ideas are just mind-blowing:

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Pleix is shock

If you have heard of Plaid, you should know that it was Pleix who made their shocking movie for Itsu. Pleix is all like that – disturbing, colorful, crazy.

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