Happy bin bags

If you don’t get a kick out of the idea of recycling, maybe these bin bags can help you have fun with disposing your trash and leftovers. Wieden + Kennedy, who created the design, claim that now taking the trash out is so much more fun! We are on the same page here.

happy trash bags




funny trash bags bin

You can buy the bags from SUCK UK

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  1. 可以防止拾荒者。

  2. Wow!!!! This is so cool!!! You can make it as a decoration to your house without hesitation. This adds beauty to your house and we can eliminate the bad and itchy feeling of having the usual black box for your waste materials.

  3. Really once these kind of attractive bags will be introduce then it will become fun to dispose off your trash and leftovers. Thanks to the great mind of Wieden + Kennedy, who created these design which looks awesome. Nice Post.

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