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Public Health Department in Bilbao

This unusual building will soon appear in Bilbao, Spain. This is no other than Public Health Departmen, the with mirror facade of which was projected by architects Juan Coll-Barreu and Daniel Gutierrez Zarza from Coll-Barreu Arquitectos.

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Singing in the rain gadgets

Autumn might be a season of grey, but it is still possible to color up things with ultimate cool gadgets. Such as Fuck-the-Rain umbrella by Art.Lebedev Studio. No rain welcome, they say!

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Architecture twists

It seems that lately architectural trends aim to stun the potential viewer – buildings get taller and more intricate.Dubai will host yet another architecture wonder – 4 towers with a different number of floors, which resembles burning flames. The project will be designed by Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates.

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Factoreef – new era boat factory

Three students from Vienna University of Applied Arts developed a concept of a boat building factory in Croatia. The project was named Factoreef. Its authors, Julcsi Futo, Bika Rebek and Stefan Ritter are students in the mentioned above University.

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Best hotels to go in the Fall 2008

Summer might be over, but the holiday time is not over yet – quite the opposite, it is time to catch the catchy prices in best design hotels all over the world. Hop on!

The Outpost Hotel (Kruger National Park, SAF)
Price this fall: around 400-530$

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Living on the edge

Amazing home uno

Apartments Farrer Road will be built in Singapore by a project of famous architect Zaha Hadid. The building will be composed of 7 towers 150 meters high and will take around 220 000 square meters. Pretty impressive.

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Ultimate gadgets

Around about clock by Anthony Dickens, designed for Lexon. This clock works by the numbers rotating clockwise behind a static right arm. The name of the clock is derived from the way people convey the time to each other in conversation – quarter past, half past and so on. A very cool gadget.

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Weilheim-Marienplatz from Kandinsky with love

1909 Wassily Kandinsky picture Weilheim-Marienplatz depicts a square of Bavarian town Weilheim. Recently 500 students of local art schools have put Kandinsky picture’s image on to the stone bricks of the same square in Weilheim.

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This is how they do it

The power of Photoshop is unleashed in works of two photographs Arnaus and Vilchis.

Carlos Arnaus, commercial photographer with 25-year experience in the Advertising Photo Business and Antonio Vilchis have worked together to produce images for the principal and international advertising agencies.

These works represent of how the food is made in advertising picture. Looking at a cool ad? You should know that things are closer than they appear.

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International airports

Contemporary airports look like buildings from the future nowadays. Some may call these monsters, and some may be amazed with how far architecture has gotten. So have a look.

International airport in Doha, Qatar. Construction will be finished in 2010.

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