Generation next of Apple

As Apple released the new look of MacBook and MacBook pro, the buzz over incredible makeover just won’t stop. And there is something to talk about indeed.

apple macbook

Ultrathin LED-backlit display of both the new laptops looks very similar to iPhone and iPod touch. The computer is fully made from one solid piece of aluminum, which means it is more endurable too. The GeForce 9600M GT delivers faster discrete graphics performance to high-end 3D games and pro applications. Apple’s famous multi-touch also has the new feeling – now the entire glass trackpad is a button, which is clickable everywhere.

apple keypad

next generation

While Apple continues to amaze its users, other companies, need to keep pace, thus coming up with interesting concepts of cooperation. OLO Computer is said to produce for now a concept laptop, which uses iPhone as its CPU, as well as a touchpad. Looks pretty interesting, and perhaps others will end up with this idea too:

olo concept

OLO Computer

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