Flowater – a flower in your bathroom

A faucet and a vase at the same time – that’ s what Slava Saakyan studio from Russia came up with.


An idea of the project was cast over by visiting Grohe design-center. It’s peculiar with combination of traditional utility and aesthetic function within one object. When you want to put flower in a usual vase, first you need to put water inside – here you have both possibilities in one – a faucet is a vase at the same time.

Again we come back to the symbiosis of two substances: water, life-generating element, domesticated with a cold metal gadget. It’s a common thing we don’t pay too much attention, but no living thing can survive without water, like a fragile flower. Why not we make a reminder for this simple truth and combine traditional functionality with aesthetic pleasure?

By Slava Saakyan Studio


flower water