Nothing serious and more

Fun fun fun, is what we love the most. Well, Fred&Friends might have even beaten the famous Atypyk in their original fun thing ideas.

Who Am We? Asks their profile heading. Nothing serious in there too! So just enjoy these cool creation:

throwing broccoli

fred & friends

jesus what time is it

fred & friends

fred & friends

funny tattoo

Oh, and don’t forget to check the source, where all this has come from. There is way more!

To have more not serious things, check this set of pens – really double useful!


cool pen design

name of design : din-ink
design by : andrea cingoli + paolo emilio bellisario + cristian cellini + francesca fontana from italy

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  1. Now those are the very useless must haves that I should have! LOL Great post! :)

  2. wow!

    it made me laughed
    I wish I had one of these

    does anybody know where i can get them cool stuffs?


  3. Great idea for the caps to turn them into pens cutlery. Compliments for the blog very beautiful and well-appointed! Greetings from Italy :D

  4. very nice product!
    is there available in the philippines like those…
    it is very unique

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