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There are a million of crazy cool inventions, so it is almost impossible to gather them all – one could get old scrolling all those pictures down. However, here is just a sample of the whole population. Enjoy!

Bundle Box must be the coolest latest invention – no need to squeeze hot drinks to your chest blaming all coffee producers!

bundle box

bundle box
Designer: Sonyun Kanga

Via Yanko Design

love mattress

The Love Mattress offers a simple solution to the limp arms that often follow a lovers’ embrace. This can also be limp legs and any parts of your body which disturb you in the sleep. Design by Mehdi Mojtabvi.

ceramic toaster

George Watson invented a new toaster – a ceramic one. Looks nicer than the regular. Via It’s Nice That

superman hanger

A superman hanger for those who feel super. Via Comunistar

swiss knife

Wenger knife seems to surpass Swiss knives.

sponge cake

A dream of a house wife – cute Sponge cake. Via It’s Nice That

centimeter belt

This is weight watch belt. After eating Sponge Cake, you can measure how much weight you have gained. A must-have from here!

knittens smokers

Smokers gloves by Tobias Wong. Well, you get the idea.

lips straw

Funny lip-straws for all cases, maybe even for those cases, when you always wanted to alter shape of lips. Via Italian Fabrica

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  1. Wenger is the original Swiss Army Knife company. They can’t really “surpass” themselves, now can they?

  2. Well Wenger and Victorinox both make swiss army knifes, Victorinox holds the contract with the Swiss Army this year.

  3. Anonymous
    Oct 26th 2008

    Wenger makes Swiss Army knives….


  4. @RC

    Sure, a company could surpass themselves :/.

    IE: They make something better than anything they’ve made before.

    Ever heard the saying “I’ve really outdone myself”? Same principle.

  5. I hope they sell those in the Philippines!

  6. I don’t know if I’m seeing things, but is there something weird about the chin on the girl in the last “straw” picture?

  7. These are great!

  8. Cool stuff. Thanks for posting!

  9. it is more easy to carry disposable cups.
    i guess it will not spill
    great idea for the creator! congratulations

  1. January 4th 2008

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