Which door should I choose?

Funny restroom signs – there are so many around the world. Some of them are freaky, some are funny, and some creative. Enjoy!

funny restroom sign

funny restroom sign

funny restroom sign

Desenzano, Italy

funny wc sign

Lausanne, Switzerland

funny wc sign

Pamukkale, Turkey

iran toilet signfunny toilet sign

Somewhere in Iran and somewhere in Seoul, Korea

shopping wc sign

funny gender toilet sign

UrbanAngel, Edinburgh

sci fi museum seattle toilet

Sci Fi Museum, Seattle, US

star gender toilet sign

star gender toilet sign

Kloschild, Männer, Café in Prague

pizza funny toilet sign

Home Slice Pizza, Austin

dog funny restroom sign

dog funny restroom sign

White Dog, Philly

funny wc sign

funny gender toilet sign

Hongdae, Seoul, S. Korea

funny gender toilet sign

funny gender toilet sign

Schirn art museum in Frankfurt, Germany

Playground, Bangkok, Thailand

Playground, Bangkok, Thailand

And some more cool restroom signs:

funny restroom sign

funny wc sign

From a youth camp:

funny restroom sign

funny restroom sign

Unirace restroom sign:

funny wc sign

One more extremely funny restroom sign. But the rules are to break, so don’t really follow this one. (via)


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  1. Excellent post. Great job – so funny.

  2. Great! I enjoyed the pictures.

  3. Nancy Hey
    Aug 18th 2007

    Those are funny! Thanks!

  4. miss mandy.
    Aug 19th 2007

    i love and hate the iran one. (i’m a feminist.)

  5. Feminists suck. =) Especially when they point out “OH BTW IM A FEMINIST. KTHXBAI”
    Shut your fuckin’ trap. Its funny. LAUGH.

  6. I’m a feminist too and I demand the Iraq ones removed , it’s not right !

  7. Better hop on that plane and get to Iran..and then find the specific restroom that has the offensive label. I have faith in you. Don’t forget to cover up.
    (Just because it was posted here, doesn’t mean it’s supported here.)

  8. Oh for fuck’s sake. I’m no bra-burner, but I think some of the other ones could be construed as far more offensive than a cutout of a woman with a veil on her head. For instance: all women think about shopping? That’s a bit sexist. And while the Barbie one is unique and creative, I’m surprised Mandy and Jessy didn’t get all up in arms about how Barbies demean women and reduce them to sexual objects, bla bla bla.

    But I don’t really care. I thought this page was hilarious, and I actually recognize the signs from Home Slice….I applied to work there when I lived in Austin.

  9. Stephanie
    Aug 21st 2007

    wat’s ur point with the feminist stuff? do u live in Iran? idk, but if u dont, who cares, suck it up and walk away, its a BATHROOM SIGN. u can piss all over it if u dont like it.
    but these were pretty good signs =). Faves r the Turkey and Austailia ones.

  10. they’re stereotyping men as much as women in the iran one

  11. Naxhus
    Aug 24th 2007

    Right. Feminists just joined the list of people who will be tortured in high security bunkers when I rule the world. It’s a JOKE. I’m not sure on the brainpower of some people, but I, for one… don’t set much up by a toilet sign.

  12. pavo6503
    Aug 24th 2007

    So, if the men’s room in Scottland featured a man wearing a kilt, that would be ok? Fuck feminists who have nothing better to do than piss and moan about restroom signs. Why don’t you worry about something important like “why you will never reach the rank of CEO at Haliburton”?

  13. i love listening to people argue on comments. some peoples points are interesting though. i thought this page was funny, which is what its intended to be. learn to take a joke.

  14. At the Chicago Pizza Pie Factory in Paris, the men’s is Elton John and the ladies’ is Olivia Newton John. I liked that spin quite a lot.

  15. Those are great!

    Found you through StumbleUpon.. love the site!

  16. Hey, Feminists! Quit your whining and wash my dishes before I get the belt. It’s a joke dumbass…

  17. willie
    Aug 26th 2007

    Hilarious! On the feminist issue, I would like to point out that women are under almost every circumstance, required to wear the head scarf. That sign is less a promotion of the practice than a reflection of circumstances. Women commonly wear dresses/skirts in Western culture and our signs reflect that circumstance as well.

  18. Pretty funny…some better than others. Whoever designed the SciFi signs should have done some better research, though: in XX/XY, the female is homozygous (XX), but in ZZ/ZW, the MALE is homozygous (ZZ)! I mean, really, if you’re gonna be nerdy, at least get the nerdiness right…

  19. Theresa
    Aug 26th 2007

    I’m a feminist, too. And I don’t find them to be offensive, just funny. Y’all are getting angry over nothing.

  20. Stumbled here too. These are so funny.

    (And unlike Jill, I’d probably count as the “bra-burner” so to speak, butI’m with her that the shopping one is far more offensive than the Iranian one. Using the veil over there is just like putting a skirt on the figures in the US.

    Oh, and the “I hate feminists” comments are pretty shrill and pointless)

  21. Jane- If I saw that sign I would be so confused. I listened to Elton John and i SWEAR it’s a chick. Unless Olivia Newton John is a guy… i did always wonder…

  22. Sara, ‘fraid your wrong. Female is XX and male is XY not ZZ. Anyway, funny pics, they’re hardly sexist though.

  23. CursedPerfection: In HUMANS, females are XX (two sex chromosomes that are the same, a.k.a. homozygous) and males are XY (two sex chromosomes that are different, one X and the other Y), but in other animals that have different kinds of sex chromosomes for their type of genetic sex determination (for example, BIRDS), scientists have given the chromosomes different names (ZW and ZZ) so that you can tell the difference. In ZW/ZZ sex determination, the boys are the ones with two sex chromosomes that are the same (ZZ) and females have two different sex chromosomes (ZW).

    This is why I was amused to see that the SciFi museum will be sending human males and female birds into the same restroom…

  24. How the heck is the Iranian one with the veiled woman any more “offensive” than the western ones depicting a woman wearing a dress? Does the western one imply that all women must wear dresses? Of course not – it’s just an iconic symbol which is supposed to be immediately recognizable as “man” and “woman”. Such a symbol is completely tied into the cultural norms of the intended viewers.

    Get over yourselves, mandy and jessy… or at least stop being so culturally bigoted. Bigots.


  25. Asbjørn
    Aug 28th 2007

    Well it is a well-known fact that feminists are ignorant, so I think we should applaud them for being able to write and find their way on the internet.

  26. I love the Australian ones (problem is, what if I have to go, but I’m not in such a hurry?). And I don’t find the iranian one offensive. It’s what Jacob says.
    What is a pity is how a funny post gets somehow spoiled with the comments on feminists. I agree that there are feminists who are stupid ( as in any other group), but feminism is not a stupid thing.

  27. Kimberly
    Aug 28th 2007

    I like them all, I’m a feminist but I don’t have an issue with the Iran one (I normally don’t go around telling that to people like this, but just because some feminist are overly sensitive we are not all like that)
    The only one I have any kind of issue with is the Home slice Pizza one, well not because it’s something wrong with it and not as much when seeing it on the computer but if I was there needing to use the bathroom I wouldn’t be sure which one to use. It’s probably obvious to everyone else *blush*

  28. Quite funny…at the moment. But if I were in a hurry, I think a couple of those could lead to a surprise…or a puddle in the hallway.

    Kimberly — not to me, it isn’t!

  29. awesome-ness. I loved this page and stumbled here too (gotta love the stumbling!)
    I completely agree with Jacob- but who cares about arguing and stuff- just enjoy how funny the pics are and stop bringing personal beliefs and issues into it!! Its supposed to be a humorous gag for people to come across, have a giggle and then go on with their lives! dont get bogged down by it man- just enjoy what you enjoy, and if not, you dont have to look at it. But i suppose everyone is entitled to their own opinions so we shouldnt slate people because of what they believe- just maybe respect it as someone elses views and if thats not possible because you are small minded, just over-look it.

  30. Since when does being a feminist mean your particular cultural and moral beliefs are superior to someone elses?

    Oh, and howcome no objection to the ‘shopping’ and ‘football’ stereotypes presented on other signs?

  31. Great photos.. love it.. especially Turkish one is great i live in Turkiye but never seen before like this.. thank you million times :)

    so you got my thank from http://www.cdsnettr.com/thankyou.html :D:D

    Take care

  32. The reason these are unacceptable is because it reinforces gender stereotypes. What is a gender ambiguous person to do? These groups of people get harassed, beaten and raped for going into these “black/white” male/female restrooms. There needs to be unisex rooms or signs that are gender neutral. Of course, everyone here hating the feminists and even transgender people never think about the issues that exist because of these narrow-minded signs. There are crimes committed. Get out there and open your eyes to the real world. It’s not funny seeing someone hurt because of these “humorous” or iconic/symbolic signs.

  33. Yisak
    Sep 1st 2007

    Hey this is really funny.
    I enjoyed it.

  34. Confused
    Sep 1st 2007

    I’m a feminist too. what’s wrong with the Iran one?

    Shopping v. Football?

    Seriously, there are so many worse stereotypes out there. We’re complaining about shopping v. football? Stop it. You don’t see any men going “Well, I don’t like football. That’s completely inaccurate”.

  35. mehdi
    Sep 1st 2007

    oh!!!!!! veri funny!!!! im from iran !!! ha ha wOOOOOOOOOOOOw

  36. Alan Toner
    Sep 1st 2007


    The reason these are unacceptable is because it reinforces gender stereotypes. What is a gender ambiguous person to do? These groups of people get harassed, beaten and raped for going into these “black/white” male/female restrooms. There needs to be unisex rooms or signs that are gender neutral. Of course, everyone here hating the feminists and even transgender people never think about the issues that exist because of these narrow-minded signs. There are crimes committed. Get out there and open your eyes to the real world. It’s not funny seeing someone hurt because of these “humorous” or iconic/symbolic signs.”

    You’re a moron. Shut the fuck up.

    Great photos, very funny!

  37. [not serious]
    Sep 2nd 2007

    Hey Jimmy,

    That’s what the disabled toilets are for. They’re gender-neutral, and designed for special people already so there’s no need to spend money to make new ones.

  38. Zig Yip
    Sep 2nd 2007

    Great creative approach to what has been a mundane icon.
    Miss Mandy…if you’re truly a feminist wouldn’t your name be Ms Mandy?

  39. Saddam
    Sep 4th 2007

    Jessy 20 August
    It’s Iran with an N, not Iraq with a Q.
    Iran is the place with weapons of mass destruction.
    That’s why America invaded.
    No wait, it seems Bush made the same mistake and invaded the wrong country.
    Now they’ll have to do it all over again.
    Sorry Iraq. A simple spelling mistake.
    Iran prepare to be liberated, just like your neighbours.
    Whadya mean, “No thanks”
    Ungrateful Arabs.

  40. Mallory
    Sep 4th 2007

    Stumbled here too…. pretty funny, and just shut up about the Iran signs. Really, what should you do? Oh my gosh, I DEMAND that sign be removed, because it’s so stereotypey! Just let it be, getting rid of a site online is not going to get rid of the sign. Travel to Iran and demand it be taken down. Good luck with that.

  41. I just wanted to say I’m in ‘full support’ of bra-burning.

  42. winfried
    Sep 6th 2007

    Just reading these comments makes me feel sorry for my species. These signs are pretty damned funny, but people keep on bitching about what someone who claims to be a feminists says?
    Really guys and gals, I thought we were the ‘smart’ species on this planet. Even though bacteria and cockroaches have better chances of surviving pretty much any devastating event that could happen to this planet.
    The pics are truly funny though. Especially the one with the veiled woman. I fell off my chair laughing at it. (Yes, I did say this to piss off a feminist who doesn’t even know what feminism really is about and even though this little addition is here they won’t be able to see through the sarcasm of that last sentence)

  43. atom ick
    Sep 6th 2007

    I think what we’re overlooking with all these arguments about feminism is the fact that Jessy is a fucking moron. There isn’t even a sign posted from Iraq, it’s in Iran. As a literate person, her comment deeply offended me. I’m literate and I demand Jessy be removed!

  44. biffa
    Sep 6th 2007

    The football/shopping thing is a refernece to the movie “Trainspotting”.

    The bar’s in Edinburgh.

  45. Here’s another Iranian one for you:

  46. mad bob
    Sep 7th 2007

    wot do you call a women with two black eyes?……. the old ones are always the best

  47. LOL! That pizza one got me laughing. Great post.

  48. if you’re gonna steal photos it would be nice to at least credit the original photographers



  49. matti
    Sep 8th 2007

    I’m a male, but I don’t think about football all the time. I’m usually thinking about shagging blondes.

  50. violet
    Sep 8th 2007

    these are great. the muslim one is not offensive – the one from Edinburgh is! i think about more than shopping and my boyfriend thinks about more than football. the one from seoul is awful too – it’s not ok for men to leer at women while they’re in the toilet :(

  51. miranda
    Sep 8th 2007

    why i a veiled woman more offensive than a woman in a skirt and pigtails? both based on how generalised ideas about how women dress in a certain culture. if you’re ok with one generalisation, you should be ok with the other.

    actually, you should be offended by the the women in a skirt and pigtails. at least women in iran actually wear veils-it’s accurate! i don’t know how many women in the west wear pigtails and dresses shaped like triangles.

  52. Q: What do you do when your dishwasher quits working?

    A: Pop her in the lip.


  53. Nuacco
    Sep 8th 2007


    Oh we are sorry. Are You talking about the thing that we have credited just one of Your pictures (women door) and not crediting Your other picture (men door)?
    We did not think it would be not so obvious that the other one is also Yours.

    If You insist we will fix this thing. Please comment if You do.
    PS. Mouse over words for links (“Australia” in Your case)

  54. brenda
    Sep 9th 2007

    writing it is from Australia is not crediting the original photographer – you need to have their name included. It would also be polite to email the owner before using it for permission.

  55. Haha, hilarious. Great collection of toilet signs and I must say some are quite vague :P.

  56. Nuacco
    Sep 9th 2007


    You must be new to the Internet and blogging, because what You said is a total b/s. Sorry.
    However, if You and the author of the pictures consider that You don’t want such kind of publicity as a link back from a blog with readers, we decided to remove the Australian pictures.

    Best Regards,

  57. brenda
    Sep 9th 2007

    you need to check your copyright laws Nuacco

  58. brenda
    Sep 9th 2007


    you might like to read some copyright laws

  59. Nuacco
    Sep 9th 2007

    Dear Brenda

    You might want to check out how the author chose to license these photos – http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/deed.en-us

    Best regards,

  60. I am happy for you to use my pics – I just didn’t see a link to my page

    If you keep the link i am happy


  61. a site showing toilet signs for fun… and it causes a debate with the feminists getting their period pants in a twist! the world has gone PC mad! i have to agree with Matti as im male too, and I don’t think about football all the time… I’m usually thinking femanists going down on each other

  62. You could ask a Muslim female why they continue to wear veils even in America. I did. She said the cultural reason is so that when she gets to know a man who shows interest in her, she knows he is attracted to her personality and not her body. What is so offensive about that? The reasons women have for wearing their garments are deeply rooted and not quite so obvious as people think. Research fully and get primary sources before you start expressing opinions about what is right and wrong.

    I am a female but most definitely NOT a feminist. I prefer being more level-minded.

  63. how appropriate: discussion of toilet signs and the men and women are throwing shit at each other and pissing on their ideological boundaries.

    my fave would be the gorilla and bunny. now there’s a couple of appalling stereotypes, but sooo cuuuute >_

  64. Wastelock
    Sep 11th 2007

    [quote]I’m a feminist too and I demand the Iraq ones removed , it’s not right ![/quote]

    I love this. Seriously. So… The practice of women wearing veils offends you, because it symbolizes lack of rights, yet you wish to encroach on someone else’s rights here in America. Those same rights that allow you to spout your bullshit without being drug into the street and shot.

    Nice move, slick.

  65. We had the same blog concept.

    Visit the toiletsigns.blogspot.com

    If you want to participate just say.



  66. http://www.flickr.com/photos/toddiuszho/402611068/

    I took this photo in a sushi place near Providence, Rhode Island.

  67. What do you tell a woman with a black eye?

    Nothing, you already told her once

  68. Did you ever see pictures of the restroom signs where the men’s one says “LADIES” in huge type and then in smaller type something along the lines of “Don’t go in here because this is the men’s room”? The ladies’ one has the same type of thing. I heard that they were being forced to change it because of the embarrassment suffered by people who didn’t read the small print.

  69. Miki Irkutsk
    Dec 3rd 2007

    Всем Русским Привет ,а Особенно СИБИРЯКАМ!!!

  70. lol
    funny stuff

  71. Angry Gimp
    Dec 19th 2007

    Oh, Now I’m mad. What’s the deal with the wheelchair ones. It’s like “Male” “Female” “disabled” That insinuates we wheelchair users are genderless! I demand to be recognized as having a sexual identity! (of course I’m joking)

  72. great array. Did you take all these pictures yourself. I am interested in using the pointer/setter pair for a project I am working on. Would you give permission and what kind of attribution would you want?

  73. Very Very Good

  74. Milláh
    Jan 26th 2008

    It’s really great! good bye

  75. These are all nice picture but how so looking beautifull .

  76. opsakopsakpaskp




  77. Hi there,

    I (accidentally) saw this your pictures and i’d like to know if can I use in my blog?
    It’s about Bathroom Signs.

    See there and participate



  78. The pics, simply great.
    The discussion: interesting. Most comments point towards the cultural value of the sign more than a discrimination issue (nice to know). Those who think it´s a discrimination issue know very little about what they`re saying. A bathroom sign in Iran showing a woman with a triangle skirt and pig tails would make no sense or would be as hilarious as Woody Allen representing the mens room.
    Feminism is not much different than “machismo” (whats the term in english for the opposite of feminism???)
    Xia I loved your comment… would you marry me?
    NUACCO: What about Alec MacLeod’s comment???

  79. Nuacco
    Apr 20th 2008

    goosh, each picture is credited either below or above it, so it is not in our position to permit or not permit the use of those.
    this has been discussed in the very beginning of the thread.

  80. These are all nice funny picture all cartoon is very crazy love me for this all cartoon .

  81. I laughed so much I peed my pants.

  82. Smesno ej!!! :D!LoL

  83. Thanks !

  84. I thought I was the only one who was fascinated by toilet signs lol obviously not. They are all great but the winner for me has to be the Barbie ones, I would love to feature them on my Barbie site, would that be ok? Let me know.
    By the way I surfed on in the most random way and your site was refreshing….thanks for making me laugh for the last 5 minutes! :)

    Pimp My Barbie

  85. spencer
    Oct 25th 2008

    that was funny

  86. Parabens, gostei muito da sua ideia de fotografar portas de banheiro. Gosto muito de tudo que seja criativo e essas ideias e desenhos são o maximo.


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