iMac vs Dell xps 410 – holy war continues

Apple imac made nice mocking promo ads, slightly annoying Dell xps 410. While new iMac designs looks just incredible, they forgot to draw their huge power supply unit on the picture.

apple imac dell xps 410 funny comparison ad

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  1. Umm…the new iMacs don’t have an external power supply. Those are used on the laptops. The iMac power code is brickless.

    You might want to check this out at your nearest Apple store.

  2. I agree…there’s no power supply brick for the imac. Do your homework!

  3. Michael
    Dec 5th 2007

    The Brick actually reduces the voltage coming into the laptop. So thats even better! They contain a ton of resistors (thats why they get hot!) macs are very energy efficient! they even know when to dim the screen when not in use and screensaver is off by default so the screen just goes black and uses less energy….

  4. Joe B owler
    Dec 9th 2007

    They have a load of the new imacs at my collage, they have no powerbrick….. they plug direct into the wall……..

  5. The holy war is won. By dell:
    The Dell XPS1 is here. And it pwns the iMac. :D

  6. You can configure Your Mac up to $27,000

  7. The iMac is great, but I want a computer (not a toy). It’s like chopsticks vs a fork. Sure chopsticks will work, but a fork just does it so much better. What if I want to upgrade my GPU or CPU? I guess I will have to throw out the Mac and pay out the ass.

    Apple, because idiots needs to play too!

  8. Ahahaha wow. I just love seeing nerds argue over Mac vs. PC. Who the fuck cares? You’re all idiots anyway cause my microwave is so much better than yours.


  9. nuacco
    Oct 12th 2008

    Yet another opinion on the issue:

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