Louis Vuitton and company

Louis Vuitton ads have featured many celebrities, but this time fashion and leather goods brand has surpassed itself – Annie Leibovitz, the most talented photographer in the world, took care of the new LV ads meant to emphasize the importance of Louis Vuitton luggage and travel accessories.

Most provocative ad is one featuring last Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Mikhail Gorbachev Louis Vuitton

Gorbachev does not hold the duffel bag, it looks a bit strange near the President.

Other members of the new ad campaign look more comfortable with LV bags – Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf as a couple in the hotel room, Catherine Deneuve resting on a trunk in front of a locomotive.

Other Louis Vuitton ads also look very chic, taken by such photographers as Mert Atlas, Marcus Pigott, Patrick Demarchelier and others.

Louis Vuitton has favourite celebrities, including Scarlett Johansson..

scarlett johansson louis vuitton

scarlett johansson louis vuitton

scarlett johansson louis vuitton

scarlett johansson louis vuitton

scarlett johansson louis vuitton

..and Jennifer Lopez..

jennifer lopez louis vuitton

j lo louis vuitton

jennifer lopez louis vuitton

..and Christina Ricci..

christina ricci louis vuitton

christina ricci louis vuitton

..and Uma Thurman..

uma thurman louis vuitton

uma thurman louis vuitton

uma thurman louis vuitton

uma thurman louis vuitton

..and Pharell..

pharrell louis vuitton

..and models Daria Werbowy, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Eva Herzigova, Giselle Bundchen, Tasha Tilberg, Caroline Ribeiro (in order of appearance).

daria werbowy louis vuitton

naomi campbell louis vuitton

kate moss louis vuitton

kate moss louis vuitton

eva herzigova louis vuitton

giselle bundchen louis vuitton

tasha tilberg louis vuitton

tasha tilberg louis vuitton

caroline ribeiro louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton advertisments are very versatile and pompous, for instance in 2004 in Shanghai they had a big luggage-like advertisement. Crazy people.

big louis vuitton ad

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  1. LV is a great brand, but not always does it suit the pocket of all people.
    What I was wondering was all this advertisement and promotion cost add to the cost of the product. We were having this presentation at school on Cost cutting Vs Branding and Promotion, and there were lot of aspects which came up and had a case study on Leather Bags. An example of Maxwell Scott was given where the quality matched to the popular brands and the cost was not even half compared to Gucci etc..

  2. Love the blog, if i may ask, what software are you using? how much does it cost? where do you get it? If it’s not a secret email me some details wouldya?

    thanks in advance!

  3. Nuacco
    Feb 17th 2008

    We are using WordPress)

  4. I have rescused a lost dachshund wearing a louis vuitton collar. I am trying to locate the owner by the number on the collar. If anyone can help me with a contact number, site, or email of the company it would be very helpful. thanks :)

  5. found some LV handbag here..is this your authorized dealer?? price maybe cheap http://sezcoproducts.com/contact.asp

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